If you can buy and pay about the same or less than rent you are paying, would you buy? You may qualify to buy and pay less than rent in many cities and states across the United States.

Rent vs Buy

If you figure out the minimum number of bedrooms, baths and the maximum payment you are looking to afford you can have any local agent set you up to receive listings to fit your search criteria to study and compare.

Most rentals want first, last and security plus pet deposits to secure any rentals. You may qualify to buy with minimal out of pocket expenses and pay about what you pay in rent.

You may qualify for FHA 3.5% down from a minimum 580 fico and 3% down conventional from a minimum 620 fico score. Jumbo loans are available from a minimum, 540 fico score. Do not disqualify yourself as we have loans from a minimum 500 fico score or NO FICO Scores.

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